Photo of the flying buttress of an orange Lamborghini Revuelto supercar.

All New Lamborghini Revuelto

With the combined power of a V12 and 3 electric motors, we expect this supercar to do the quarter mile in just over 9 seconds. It looks like a fighter jet, and is almost as quick.

Lamborghini Articles

The nose of an orange Lamborghini Gallardo at a car show with a Lamborghini Urus in the background.

The Complete Lamborghini Model List

See the full history of the Lamborghini. Supersportiva has compiled a complete list of Lamborghini production models.

Popular Lamborghini Models

Some of the most interesting models from the raging bull.


Lamborghini Miura in red at sunset with clouds.
Photo by Mike Mareen via Adobe Stock

Dawn of the supercar.

  • First mid-engined production car.
  • Naturally aspirated V12 mounted transversely.
  • Classic design by Marcello Gandini makes them a million dollar car


Lamborghini Huracan STO front on a platform at an autoshow.
Photo by Colin Finkle.

Modern V10 Lambo

  • Naturally aspirated V10 engine
  • Quick shifting dual-clutch transmission
  • Co-developed with Audi and shares parts with the Audi R8


Photo Credit: Radu Daniel Mrd via Pexels

Last analog supercar

  • Last Lamborghini supercar with a straight V12 engine
  • Bruce Wayne’s car in The Dark Knight
  • First Lambo made of carbon fibre