Welcome to Supersportiva 

Welcome to Supersportiva, the premier destination for Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts.

Founded in 2021, Supersportiva is dedicated to spreading the passion for Italian supercars to the world. Our articles, videos, and reviews provide helpful insights and information to the owners and fans of these enthralling vehicles.   

About Us

Supersportiva is a publication from Nordeau, a Canadian media company. Supersportiva is Nordeau’s first automotive magazine. Nordeau has previously had success in a trade publication for marketers and entrepreneurs called BMB: Brand Marketing Blog.

Our mission is to spread the passion and knowledge of automotive art and to provide helpful information to Italian supercar owners and enthusiasts alike.

Right now, only Colin Finkle contributes to Superspotiva. We want to grow our audience and, eventually, our team to a set of experienced and passionate writers and editors dedicated to creating engaging content that will entertain and inform our readers.

Our Story

Supersportiva was founded in 2021 when Colin Finkle and his son visited the Lamborghini dealership in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. In the presence of the many Lamborghini supercars, it was there that the idea for Supersportiva was born. Colin Finkle, a passionate car enthusiast, wanted to share his passion with the world, and thus, Supersportiva was born.  

Meet Our Team  

Our team is comprised of the following:

Colin Finkle


Colin Finkle is an industrial designer with over 15 years of experience in design and manufacturing. Not only is he passionate about Italian supercars, he understands and appreciates them from the design, engineering, and craftsmanship levels.

Colin and the people who support him are experienced professionals dedicated to providing the best content possible. We are passionate about cars, and it shows in our work. Together, we strive to create content that will entertain and inform our readers.

Contact Supersportiva

Contact the team behind Supersportiva by leaving a comment on one of our posts, or reaching out through our contact information.