Lamborghini Countach with red paint

Photo by Brian Snelson via Wikipedia (modified) 


Top Speed: 183 mph (296 km/h)

Drag Coefficient: 0.42

Body Construction: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Frame Construction: Tubular Spaceframe

The Lamborghini Countach in Media


The Wolf of Wall Street

The Lamborghini Countach was featured in The Wolf of Wall Street, wrecked by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort, a real-life person. The production wrecked an irreplaceable white Countach.

Leonardo DiCaprio crawling to his Lamborghini Countach in the film: Wolf of Wall Street

Rocky IV

Rocky Balboa has a red Lamborghini Countach parked behind his Jalpa and robot (?!).

Lamborghini Jalpa and Lamborghini Countach in Rocky IV

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Lamborghini Countach in Video Games

Lamborghini Countach in Grand Theft Auto

The Pegassi Torero in GTA is based on the Countach.

Pegassi Torero in Grand Theft Auto in yellow in an interior with zebra stripes on the floor.

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Countach Articles

Stepping back in time to the era of radical design and groundbreaking performance, we explore the legend and legacy of the Lamborghini Countach – the poster child of supercar dreams.