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The V12 flagship in the 90s. The last of the unrestrained Lambos.

About the Diablo

The Lamborghini Diablo is one of the mid-engine supercar models (starting with the Miura) that Lamborghini is known for.

The Diablo replaced the Countach, Lamborghini’s first futuristic model with that distinctive wedge shape. The Diablo was succeeded by the Murcielago.

Model Information

First Model Year1990
Last Model Year2001
Engine TypeV12
InductionNaturally aspirated
DrivetrainRWD, AWD
Engine OrientationLongitudinal
Body StyleCoupé
Number of Doors2
Number of Seats2
Front SuspensionDouble Wishbone
Rear SuspensionDouble Wishbone
Steering TypeRack and pinion


Lamborghini Trivia

The Diablo was the only car that could be ordered with a Turbocharged engine.

In 1994, a Lamborghini dealership in southern California called Platinum Motors was selling Diablos with a twin-turbo engine. The turbo engine made 750 horsepower which was 258 more horsepower.

This is notable because the Lamborghini factory is very anti-turbo. This dealership had taken it on themselves and commissioned a twin-turbo kit which they sold as a dealer-installed option. Only about a dozen were made, and they are extremely sought after by collectors.

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The Lamborghini Diablo in Media


A LAMBORGHINI Diablo WAS featured in Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd and Harry, the buddy characters in Dumb and Dumber, buy a Lamborghini Diablo after they discover the briefcase they have been hauling around is filled with money. They drive the Diablo in the snowy ski destination of Aspen. The low-slung, rear-wheel drive Diablo is probably the worst vehicle for the snow, showing how dumb the characters are.

Lamborghini Diablo pulling up to a resort hotel in Aspen in the film Dumb and Dumber.

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The Pegassi Inferno Classic in GTA is based on the Diablo.

Pegassi Infernus Classic in Grand Theft Auto, the video game, in a mechanics garage with a checkerboard floor.

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Diablo Articles

Emerging from the shadows with roaring might and seductive lines, we immerse ourselves in the enthralling tale of the Lamborghini Diablo – a ’90s legend that still ignites passions and turns heads.