Lamborghini Jalpa

The entry-level Lamborghini of the 80s that was totally overlooked.

About the Jalpa

The Lamborghini Jalpa (pronounced ‘yal-pah’) was the ‘baby’ Lambo of the 80s. It was the entry-level Lamborghini much like the Gallardo or the Huracán in the modern era.

Much like those cars, the Jalpa had a big brother: The Countach. Every magazine cover, poster in a bedroom, and valet of the fancy club in the 80s featured a Countach. The success of the Countach overshadowed the Jalpa, and there were only around 400 made over its entire run.

Those lower numbers have made the car extremely rare and now desirable to collectors.

The Lamborghini Jalpa was featured in the film: Rocky.

Model Information

First Model Year1981
Last Model Year1988
Engine TypeV8
InductionNaturally Aspirated
Engine OrientationTransverse
Body StyleCoupe
Number of Doors2
Number of Seats2
Front SuspensionMultilink
Rear SuspensionCoilover
Steering TypeRack and Pinion


Lamborghini Jalpa in Media


Rocky IV

Rocky Balboa drives a Lamborghini Jalpa in Rocky IV

Lamborghini Jalpa and Lamborghini Countach in Rocky IV

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