Lamborghini Auténtica

Grey Lamborghini Autentica roadster on a road in Norway on a curve on a partly cloudy day.

Photo from Lamborghini Media Center

Lamborghini celebrates the Aventador-era V12 engine with the bespoke Auténtica roadster and Invencible coupé.

The Lamborghini Auténtica roadster celebrates Lamborghini’s design DNA and sends off the Aventador era V12 powertrain with a bang.

The Auténtica roadster was made alongside its sister car, the Invencible coupé, and is based on the Aventador carbon fiber monocoque and powertrain.

Notably, the Auténtica roadster and Invencible coupé will be the last cars built at the Lamborghini factory with a simple V12 powertrain. The Auténtica roadster features a 6.5 L V12 engine that produces 780 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque.

Like the Invencible coupé, the Auténtica roadster is a bespoke car created for its buyer’s specific tastes.

Centro Stile, Lamborghini’s design studio, took design cues from past models, such as the Aventador, Sesto Elemento, Veneno, Reventon, and Essenza SCV12, to celebrate this past era of Lamborghini design.