Colin Finkle

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Editor In Chief, Supersportiva

Colin Finkle is the founder and sole contributor to Supersportiva.

An automotive enthusiast from a young age, Colin has been passionate about cars since he saved up to purchase his first car, a Camaro, at the age of 14. He then honed his skills, placing fourth in Ontario’s CAA Auto Skill Competition during high school.

Colin’s passion for exotic Italian cars was reignited when his son began to take an interest in cars. That passion was further fueled when they visited the Lamborghini dealership in Vaughan, Ontario.

Colin lives with his wife and young son in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He loves to share his knowledge and experience in the automotive industry through his writing on his blog and in his publications. Colin is passionate about his local community and the welfare of young people. He has volunteered for organizations such as DTBY: Dare To Be You, Canadian-Carribean Association, and the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

His love of cars and design has driven him to open his industrial design consultancy, providing unique solutions and innovative ideas to automotive companies around the globe.